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Tech Coach Albert’s Favorite PodCast Player App

If you’re not familiar with a PodCast, it’s basically an audio or video series that is downloaded via the web and played on your local devices. Generally used for talk shows, motivational talks, daily/weekly news, etc. You can download the PodCast now, and listen to it later. Whether you have access to the internet or not. Makes great for road trips, workouts, walks, etc.

PodCasts are part of my daily life. I owe a HUGE thanks to the MorningCoach PodCast courtesy of JB. It’s a daily coaching session to keep you moving in the right direction with positive thinking, actions, and a huge community of followers to help you out. I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally. I highly suggest you check it out!

With that being said, I use one and only one PodCast Player. I wanted my PodCast player to support multiple podcasts, automatically download the new episodes for me without me having to go tell it to. I wanted my new episodes always at my fingertips. I also needed one that supported a login to be able to access paid subscription content. Last, I needed it to be simple. Thus, I found DoggCatcher, and it met all my needs. Now, I normally stick with free apps, but this one is definitely worth the couple dollars they charge. They’ve got a nice, simple, stable product. And I’m happy to support them to keep it moving forward.


App Details:

App Name: DoggCatcher Podcast Player

By: DoggCatcher

Website: www.doggcatcher.com

Price: $2.99

Minimum Android Version: Varies by device


Simple to use and setup. Always stable. Supports multiple podcasts (audio and video). Automatically checks for new episodes. Supports login requirements. Add feeds by searching, direct URL, or by suggested feeds lists. Supports faster playback (can listen to audio at a faster rate to save time). Rated #1 on Amazon for PodCast apps.


It’s not free. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. They put out a good product and need the revenue to keep it going.



Popular Alternatives:  BeyondPod Podcast Manager, Pocket Casts, Podcast Republic.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with this program or company. This is simply a post of my own opinion. 🙂

Have a suggestion for an app to check out, or an app you prefer over this one? Please post it in the comments below!


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