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TopCashBack Review – A Legit, Safe way to Save Money on Your Online Purchases

Do you shop online? Of course you do. Do you want to save money when doing so? OF COURSE! Who doesn’t like a good discount!? I’ve already showed you how to protect yourself from products that drop in price at your favorite online retailers with, and now I’ll share with you how I save even more on my online purchases with the best cashback website review! It’s like double dipping the discount button, and it’s totally FREE, and YES, it is legit. I’ve been using it for years! Best of all it is simple. It’s a website called So, proceed on to the best topcashback review on the net!

So, without further ado, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about! We’ll cover:

  • What is
  • How does work
  • What Retailer do they Support
  • How much does it cost me?
  • How to use to Save Me Money
  • How Do I Get Paid
  • Is TopCashBack Legit?
  • Similar websites

Also: See this video series on How to Setup, Use and Cashout from

What is

Top Cash Back or topcashback or also referred to TCB, is a cash back portal (website) that gives you a % of your purchase back as a free reward. See, online retailers use what are called “affiliates”. These affiliates are other websites that they give a percent of the purchases of customers they refer to them back to the website owner. But, TopCashBack turns around and gives that money to YOU. The only thing you have to do is go to their site first, search for the deal for the website you want to buy something from, and click through their link, which takes you to the real website.

How Does TopCashBack work

Online merchants, such as Amazon, Newegg, and most others offer a reward to people/websites that refer customers to them. So if you were to click on one of MY Amazon links and make a purchase, I would get a small % of that purchase from Amazon. It’s how lots of sites and blogs stay in business. But returns that money to YOU instead of keeping it all to themselves. So what does that mean? You get a discount! Is it legit? You bet TopCashBack is legit. Is TopCashBack Safe? YUP! I’ve been using it for years and have saved over $160.00! I’ll explain how to use it further below!

What Retailers do they support

Simple answer? Too many to list! Seriously! Here’s a few specific ones that I have used: Newegg, Amazon, Old Navy, Walmart, Office Depot/Office max, Ebay, AT&T, and the list goes on. The % of cashback you get depends on the offer that the retailer has given to TopCashBack. And it can vary from day to day. As of writing this, is getting you 8% cash back, Ralph Lauren website 12%. That’s freaking awesome!

How much does it cost me

That’s the beauty of You wonder, is any good? You better believe it is. It doesn’t cost you ANYTHING. That’s right. Zero. Zilch. Nuttin. Did I mention it’s free? AND it’s LEGIT? AND it’s SAFE? This isn’t a fake website guys, iIt’s the real deal.

How do I use

Using the website is simple. The first thing you’ll want to do is click this link below to get your account started:

Which should bring you to a page like this:

TopCaschBack_Review (2)

Then, in the section that says Free to Join, enter your First Name, Last Name and a valid Email address. Then choose the Join Now option.

TopCaschBack_Review (3)

That will bring you to the Nearly Done… (password) screen. Enter a good password and choose the Blog option in the Where did you hear about us? section. Then choose the Create Account button.

TopCaschBack_Review (4)


That should now take you to the Account Overview screen:

TopCaschBack_Review (5)

And that’s it! You’re ready to start saving!

How do I save money with you ask? Simple. See the search bar at the top right corner? Enter the retailer of the place you want to shop at, and hit the magnifying glass to search for them. For my example, I’m going to search for

TopCaschBack_Review (7)

Now we search and it takes to the results page:

TopCaschBack_Review (6)


As we can see here, purchasing items from Newegg will give us 2% cash back. Not bad! Now click on the Cashback button:
TopCaschBack_Review (8)

That will then open the details/offers from Newegg. In this case, we can save a specified % on a few different types of categories and they even have a couple coupon codes we could use too, if we were in the market for those items. Double dipping again! Woohoo!

TopCaschBack_Review (9)

Now, select the Get Cashback or Get Cashback & Code button. You’ll see a window temporarily pop up as it redirects you back to the retailers site:

TopCaschBack_Review (10)

After a few seconds, you should be on the site and ready to do your shopping! Just like normal. Nothing else you need to do!

TopCaschBack_Review (11)

How do I get Paid?

Once you have made a qualifying purchase, after the retailer gives TopCashback the signal you’ve made a purchase, you should see the Pending purchase on your Dashboard. Once they’ve confirmed the order qualifies, the dollar amount will move to the Confirmed section, and once it’s ready to cut you a check it will go to the Payable section.

TopCaschBack_Review (12)

Once it’s under the Payable section, you can get paid anytime you want. Just choose the Payout option and follow the details! (Side tip: Instead of getting cash deposited to your bank, get an Amazon gift card for an extra 2.5% bonus or AmEx gift card for a 3% bonus!)


TopCaschBack_Review (13)

So Is it Legit?

Still concerned it’s not legit? Well, those screenshots above are from MY actual account. So as you can see, I’ve already cashed out $130 worth, and have another $30 sitting there to cash out. So yup. Its 100% legit. No fakes here. I’ve seen the check to believe it! 🙂

Similar Websites

TopCashBack isn’t the only website that has the approach, one of the other most popular sites besides Top Cash Back is They do different deals, so it’s best to sign up for BOTH, and see which has the better deal when your ready to place that purchase online! Stay tuned for a MrRebates Review in the future!

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Paribus is a tool that automatically tracks purchases you made and gets you a refund when the price changes! WIN! Combine BOTH services to maximize your savings!

NOTE: This Top Cash Back review is an independent review based on my own opinion and was NOT at the request of TopCashBack. I just want MY readers to understand the tool, and learn how it can work FOR them. Links to Top Cash Back on this page are my referral links, and signups using that link will help pay to keep this website online, and make future reviews possible.

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