My Favorite Android Apps: Text Messaging

Tech Coach Albert’s Favorite Text Messaging App

Text messaging (SMS/MMS) has become a staple in our everyday lives and there are dozens of different apps you can use to manage it. I’ve personally tried a number of different apps before I settled on one to use. The default Android messaging app is “OK”, but it’s certainly missing some pretty nice features that most other apps have. And now Google is combining Text (SMS/MMS) and Google+ Hangout (web) messaging all into their Hangouts App. Which works decently, but it’s still not perfect. Below I describe what I’ve found to be my favorite Text Messaging app.


Text Messaging App Details:

App Name: Textra SMS

By:  Delicious Inc.


Price: Free

Minimum Android Version: 4.0.3


Popup Chat Bubbles, Application Themes, Per Contact notifications (sms tone, vibrate, icons, LED color, etc), Scheduling messages, group messaging, signatures, repeat notifications, etc. Too many to list!


Sometimes the ability to customize too much and can be a bit overwhelming.

I chose to use the Textra messaging app largely due to the popup chat bubbles. Nothing is more annoying than reading a website or using an app and getting a text message and you have to leave that app to open up the message to read it. When you get a text with Textra, a notification shows at the top of the screen and if you tap that, the chat bubble pops up and a nice little chat window over top part of your screen, leaving your app or website still visible behind it. Tap on the reply area and your keyboard appears allow you to send a reply and it goes away. How convenient is that!?


Example Popup Notification of new message



Example chat bubble. Notice I don’t have to leave my app I was in to respond.


I also like the fact I can easily customize the SMS Tone, Vibration Pattern, and App Notification icon on a Per Contact basis. I have a very simple Car Alarm “Beep”, no vibration pattern, and a grayed out notification icon when my house alarm messages come through. But when my significant other texts me, it plays her custom SMS tone, has a specific vibration pattern and a blue app notification icon. If I didn’t catch the tone or vibration, I can easily look at my phone’s notification LED indicator light to see what color it is and easily tell if it’s something I need to check right away or not.


Additional Info: There is also an Emoji pack that can be installed, with hundreds of cute little emoji icons and they are compatible with iOS messages!


Popular Alternatives: Hangouts, Go SMS, Chomp SMS, Handcent SMS.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with this program or company. This is simply a post of my own opinion. 🙂

Have a suggestion for an app to check out, or an app you prefer over this one? Please post it in the comments below!


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