Record XBox Videos in Full Length – FREE!

How To Record XBox One Videos without an Expensive Capture Card!

My Son wanted to record XBox One videos for his YouTube Channel, and I wasn’t going to go spend a few hundred bucks for him to screw around with. So I researched and found a way to do it for free!

Have you or your kids been wanting to capture or record on XBox One and publish them on YouTube to share your adventures or earn a little extra cash? Don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a video capture device? You’ve come to the right place! I’ll walk you through, step by step, how you can utilize 100% free tools so you can record your screen on XBox one (with game play audio!) and share to your favorite video website. There IS a built-in DVR mode on your XBox, but it limits to a 5-minute video. This solution will not limit you at all.

Item’s you’ll need to Record XBox Gameplay:

  1. Obviously, you’ll need an XBox One that is connected to the internet.
  2. Headset with Microphone to allow you to narrate your gameplay.
  3. Twitch Account (Free):
  4. YouTube Account or your favorite video sharing website.


Step 1: Setup Twitch Account

The first step you’ll need to take if you want to record XBox videos is to sign up for a free Twitch account. Navigate to the Twitch website and locate their Sign Up button in the upper right corner. Choose to either create an account with your Facebook profile, or your email address. Also, make sure you check your email after signing up so you can Verify your account.

Next, log in to your Twitch account via their website: Select your account name in the upper right corner and choose the Settings option near the bottom.

Once in the settings menu, you’ll want to select the Channel & Videos option, and scroll down to locate the Archive Broadcasts” option under the Channel Settings section. We MUST enable this option! After checking the box, scroll down and select the Save Changes button at the bottom.

If you’d like to send your videos to YouTube (no editing first), go to the Connections tab, and follow the directions to enable the YouTube connection.


Step 2: Install Twitch on XBox

Once you have your Twitch account setup, you’ll want to install the Twitch App from the Store on the XBox. So navigate to the Store section, and then to the Search option, and search for Twitch. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.

After the app is installed, launch it from the Games & Apps menu. This will require you to activate/link your XBox with your Twitch account. It should give you an ID Number that you can input after opening the website. Once on the site, enter the code on your XBox screen and then click Activate.

Now, that’s the basic setup. Time to move on to actually playing!


Step 3: Launch your game, start Twitch broadcast and PLAY!

Now that you have the twitch app installed, you can start recording live gameplay on your XBox.

First, you’ll want to make sure you’ve started the game you want to record, as you normally would. Make sure your headset/microphone is enabled if you want to also narrate the videos.

Next, Hit XBox button on your controller and then go to the Xbox Logo section (where it shows your games/apps). Highlight the Twitch App and hit “A” key on your controller. This should open up Twitch in a sidebar to the right. (Note: the first time you do this it may have you go through a little setup confirmation routine).

After that, choose the option to Start Broadcasting. It will ask for a Title, so enter that and then choose the Start Broadcast option at the bottom.

Now, tap or double tap the XBox button on your controller to return back to your game. You’re currently live streaming! Have fun! Don’t forget to narrate with some good commentary. Once you’re done, tap the XBox button again, go to Twitch, and choose the option to Stop Broadcasting.

Step 4: Exporting Video to YouTube

Once you’re done with recording your XBox, and ready to export your video to YouTube, you’ll want to log back into your Twitch Account and navigate to the Video Manager option under your name in the upper right of the website.

Now, you can right select a video of your choice (it should start to play). Once loaded on the screen, in the lower right corner is a box with 3 dots. Right next to the Share button. Select that 3 dot box. Now choose the Export option.

This will open the Export to YouTube screen. You can enter a title, description, tags and the Privacy settings here. I always set my Privacy to Unlisted, so that I can go back into YouTube and fine tune my title, description, tags, etc before I’m ready to make it Public.

Alternatively, instead of exporting directly to YouTube, you can Download your video from Twitch and edit it locally prior to uploading.

Thats It! Record XBox Videos = Complete!

And that’s it! That’s all it takes to setup to Record XBox One video to get full HD resolution with audio that you can publish to YouTube.

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