DIY Home Security Tips

Are you sick and tired of the petty theft and crap that’s been happening over the last couple years in your town? I know I am. This Prop 47 change has really taken its toll on our daily lives and comfort we feel in our homes. It’s time for us citizens to take a stand. It’s time for us to start protecting ourselves and making these thieves think twice about crossing our property lines. Let’s make our personal property as un-enticing as possible so they LEAVE US ALONE! See below for some DIY Home Security Tips that I personally use AND recommend to my friends and family.


My name is Albert, I’ve lived in my small town for nearly my entire life. A local high school graduate, and someone who wants our small town to be safe for our children, and for our own property. I work hard for our material things as well as I am concerned with the safety of the town for my children’s sake. It’s time all of us take a stand. Now it’s time for us to take a look at what WE can do ourselves to make our prized possessions less accessible, less enticing, and our homes more safe and secure.

With that being said, I’ve done a lot of research on home security products, and below I’ve put together a pretty healthy list of things that we can do ourselves, as homeowners, to better protect our properties. From the very simple, to the more elaborate. Each one of these makes OUR HOME less favorable in the eyes of the scum running the streets. Most of these I’ve even used myself.

Note: Click or touch on the Item Picture or the Title of the item to open it in your web browser. Then you’ll be able to see the current price, ratings & reviews, additional pictures, etc.

DIY Home Security Tips for Lighting Deterrents

Thieves like to work in the DARK. Anytime we can light up an area, we’ll see less of a chance of crime. Thus, I recommend these motion detecting lights:
 MrBeams Weatherproof Wireless LED Spotlight buy-now-1
These super easy to install mini spotlights have a ridiculous amount of GREAT reviews. Over 4,000 of them. Simply toss in 3 “D” batteries and mount it near your doors, windows, gates, entryways, garbage cans, garage, etc to make an instant impact. Check out the thousands of reviews on these, and you’ll see for yourself. They aren’t “super” bright, but good enough to get the job done. After all, they require NO wiring! Just a couple screws to mount it somewhere and YOUR DONE!

 Brinks Flood Light buy-now-1
A step up from the MrBeams flood lights would the standard hard-wired, 120-watt max flood lamps (light bulbs not included). Old Reliable. It’s works for years. Not too difficult to install if you’re familiar with electrical. Should last a good long time. Has a 240-degree motion sensor zone and detects motion up to 70 feet away. Perfect for an Over the Driveway or backyard application.

 Sunforce Solar LED Flood Light buy-now-1
With almost 2000 reviews, this Solar (woohoo! ThinkGreen!) LED flood lamp is a breeze to install, just like the MrBeams lights, but gives off more light, and runs on solar power. In 15 minutes you could have your whole driveway light up and scare the thieves off.
 LED Flood Light buy-now-1
Last, we have a pretty standard style hard-wired Flood Light, like the old reliable Brinks version, but instead this one saves a good deal of energy since it uses LED light technology. It offers a 180-degree sensor zone that works out to about 30 feet in distance. it may be a tad more than the Brinks one (that one you still have to buy bulbs for), but it will consume a great deal less energy and will make up for the extra cost in energy savings in no time.

DIY Home Security Tips for Alarms Systems & Noise Deterrents

The LAST thing a thief wants to hear is an annoying alarm! These couple of items are EASY to install, and provide great protection.
 SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System buy-now-1
Don’t get fooled into buying one of those “free install” alarm systems that end up costing you $50 a month to have monitored for the next 2+ years. Check out this Do-It-Yourself system. It uses the same basic technology as the “big guys” use for the wireless sensors. It’s a buy it upfront, no contract, pay as you go system. You don’t even have to pay to have monitoring, but if you do the basic plan is only $15 and the fully loaded plan (can control everything from your phone/web, text alerts, etc) is only $25. HALF the price of the big guys AND did I mention it’s SUPER easy to install? The only things I would recommend is using this heavier duty double sided Tape and buy this basic kit from Amazon, BUT if you need MORE sensors, buy directly from them (once your account is setup). They’re about half the price of what Amazon has them for! Oh, I almost forgot to mention, it has Battery Backup (8+ hours) AND it uses a Cell phone connection. So if that thief cuts your power and phone lines, this will still work (unlike a lot of the other systems).


 1byone Motion Sensor Alarm Kit buy-now-1
Need a simpler system? or Just want to monitor a certain area of your property? Check out these guys. Put one watching over the cars in the driveway, or front door or back patio and be notified anytime someone gets near. Can’t be that for the price! Couple this with Camera’s, a Tablet with the cameras on, and you have eyes outside ALL NIGHT.
 Portable Door Alarm buy-now-1
This simple, take anywhere door alarm is good and effective. If someone pushes the door open a nice loud siren goes off. GREAT for traveling as well.

DIY Visual Deterrents/Surveillance Security Systems

The LAST thing a thief wants to be is on camera or breaking into a house with an alarm system. The more we show ‘we mean business’ the more likely they’ll move on to the next house who is the easier target. Check these easy DIY Security Camera ideas.
 Yard Signs/Stickers buy-now-1
Also, simply having yard signs and stickers will make thieves think twice about messing with your home. Anything we can do to deter them is a step in the right direction!
> Security Cameras (Clones) buy-now-1
Now, remember, we’re trying to make our homes as uninviting as possible. Can’t afford a full DVR Security system (although, they have come WAY down in price!), get a couple packs of these guys. Just the “look” of having them will make that guy think twice. They don’t know if they are real or fake, and they’re going to error on the side of caution most likely! I’ve heard numerous stories of people having issues in detached garages, alley way, etc and throwing up a couple of these stopped it right then and there!
 High-Def 4 Camera DVR Security System buy-now-1
Now, this would be even better. A full blown High-Definition 4 security camera system for less than $350 that you can access remotely from your cell phone? Sign me up. You won’t realize how much safer you feel away from home until you’ve got camera’s to check on the house ANYTIME you want! Trust me.

Camera System Must Have Items:

You’ll likely also want some easy way to view the Camera’s. I suggest a cheap, 10″ Android tablet that you can have at your bedside, like this HP unit. It’ll do the job just right! You’ll also need a good power strip, that allows you to plug in a couple of those big power adapters, especially if you get a camera system with a good number of cameras. This Belkin unit is the one I use. It’s got plenty of room for multiple power adapters, good ratings, good protection and a nice long 10ft cord. You’ll also need a network cable to plug the DVR into your network so you can view the Cameras from your smartphone/tablet while you’re at home. This 25Ft Cat5e patch cord should do the trick in most situations, but double check and make sure to order the length you really need!


There are lots more various gadgets and gizmo’s that I could add to this list, but if you can take a little bit of your budget and take some preventive measurements to make your home less attractive, this is where you’d want to start. ALL of these have very highly rated reviews, and most have been used by me or someone I know. I wouldn’t recommend something I wouldn’t purchase or use myself! Let me know if you have anything else you’d like to add that I may have forgot in my list of DIY Home Security Tips, or any tips you might want to share, simply leave a comment below!
Thanks everyone, now lets TAKE OUR TOWNS BACK!

The 3 Key areas to focus on for Home Security that you can Do Yourself and the best products to do it with. From the 5 minute DIY fix to the full surveillance system. You'll find all you need to keep your home safe here!

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