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 The Tools I Use, and Recommend!

Since my goal is to help you, I thought it would be quite useful to share with you the various tools (or resources) I use on my website, for my website and hosting my website. These are tools that I AM using and am comfortable sharing with you as they have been helpful for me. I will add to this list as I find more useful tools that you could be using, and will reference this page occasionally in my posts and guides. I would recommend bookmarking this page so you can easily find it in the future and come back frequently to see what new resources I have to recommend!

Note: I always want to be fully honest, and some of these resources links are Affiliate Links. When you purchase one of these resources and you do it through one of my links shown below, I receive a commission based on that sale. This is NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. I have experience (AND STILL USE) the resources mentioned, which is why I am comfortable recommending them to you and NOT because of the small commission that is earned from them if you decide to use them. Please review each resource and make sure it is something of value to you as well. If you do choose to use one of my links below, I sincerely appreciate it. It helps pay for the costs to keep this website running!

Website Creation:

in-motion-hosting-logo  InMotion Hosting – Based on several reviews on various Web Hosting discussion forums, I went with InMotion Hosting. They have a super simple one click WordPress setup routine, free email accounts for your domain and a very competitive price. Not to mention they’re much higher rated than most the other hosting options I was looking at that come recommended by various other online bloggers/websites.

namecheap-logo  Namecheap Domain Registration Services – There are many different domain registration companies out there, very few are ICANN certified, offer such a good value for the price including WHOIS blocking. I also found them via the same discussion boards when researching a host. One thing that stuck out to me is they actually had a very active member IN the community listening to customers questions, suggestions, etc and providing help and feedback. Now that’s customer service!

Email Marketing:

    MailChimp is what I use to keep track of my email address lists, automatically send out my welcome sign up emails, my post notifications, and has the ability to send out AutoResponders based on specific time frames for slow roll-out emails campaigns. Best of all, they offer a free account and a very reasonable “pay as you go” account if you’re still working on growing your email campaign lists and not ready to jump to one of the higher monthly plans.


adsense_logo_sm    Google AdSense allows you to place ads on your website that come from the advertisers that use Google Adwords. Google AdSense is free, you just need to register for your own account.

Tools and Resources:

lastpass-logo     LastPass is a Password Manager app, that allows you to create and store VERY secure passwords to your various websites, and you have ONE highly secure password for you to use to access the rest of your passwords. Using Web Browser plugins, you can sign into LastPass, then websites you visit that require passwords will be available for you to click on and automatically enter the highly secure password on file. It’s SUPER easy and makes trying to remember all your various passwords a thing of the past!

sumome-logo    Sumome is a company that has a host of tools to use on your website. From the Sharing buttons you see on each of my pages for the various social media sites, to the popup email list builder, to heat and click maps and content reading data (how much of a page are people actually reading). They have a free and paid version.



   Avast AntiVirus – Avast is the one antivirus software I recommend to all my friends, family and Tech Coach followers. It’s one of the consistently top-rated antivirus solutions available, its light on resources, and its darn good at catching what it’s supposed to! I’ve even recorded an entire video series for how to use it! Click here:






Buy Now!      TechSmith – The creates of Camtasia Studio. One of THE BEST Windows tools to easily create and edit videos. Easily record your computer screen and voice over audio to create videos!



  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware – This is one of my FAVORITE tools to clean up the crap on computers. I’ve even wrote an entire guide post (see  as well as made an entire video (Click: on how to use it. It’s THAT good.


 Helpful Podcasts:

Podcasts are very important to me. I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing right now if it weren’t for a couple of very helpful and motivational Podcasts.

morningcoach-logo – JB Glossinger puts out an AMAZING daily coach cast. Coaching us on how to better ourselves, grow ourselves and being positive. It also has an amazingly supportive community that comes with it. One of the groups I’m most involved in, and LOVE it.



    Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn is also a big influence and source of helpful information I have used to get my website to where it is today. He’s got a few great PodCasts (Weekly SPI and Daily AskPat), Weekly SPI TV and an incredibly resource rich website.

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