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I’m sure you’ve always wanted to ask a tech geek a question. Whether it be “why does my computer do_____?” or “what do you recommend for a good email app on my phone?” etc. Well, now’s your chance!!

I’m here try and make your life a whole lot easier. I want you to understand what goes on with your computer, what tricks of the trade may be available to you. Teach you the easiest ways of getting things resolved and learning something new. I want to bring you the best tools to help you throughout the day. I don’t want you to waste time trying dozens of apps to get “the right one”. I’ll help narrow down the field for you. Got a something you want some help with, a question or need computer advice? Contact me!

I’ll take these questions get some answers for you. I might even choose your question to do an Audio “Ask Albert” session!

So what are you waiting for?!? Ask away!

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