Our New Tech Coach Website!!

Hey everyone! Albert here!

The last few days things have been changing here at Tech Coach. I’ve been working on an entirely new website and guess what?! If your reading this you are here!

You’ll notice the new layout, better mobile device support, easier ways to share and to stay connected with me (join the group with the link at the top of the page!). You’ll even find a contact me form you can fill out if you have a topic you’d like to request be covered, an app you’d like some help with or even for me to review!

Also, please be patient with me as I get everything converted over to the new site. This is my first WordPress site and I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m also documenting my process and findings so I can help YOU get started on a website of your own as well!! It’s not as hard as you may think. 🙂

The new homepage of our site is now www.TechCoachAlbert.com. make sure to update your bookmarks. The Facebook page will still be the same, just I’ve slightly modified the name.


UPDATE: Here’s a little Intro Video as well!

Don’t forget, I’m here to help you better understand technology. Teach you how to do things yourself so you don’t have to pay outrageous prices for someone else. With that in mind, drop a comment in the new comment section below of a topic or two that really frustrate you or even just to say Hi. I’ll work on a guide to help you! Whether it’s learning how to clean up your PC from all the pop ups, getting a new pc to help you, or learning something new like a website or Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

I’d love to hear your frustrations and any feedback, so I can help!!


Tech Coach Albert

Albert Dutra, the creator of The Tech Coach and owner of AlbertD Photography is here to help my friends and followers gain more knowledge with the software and tech devices they use on a daily basis. Learn how to use various applications and gadgets to help save time, money and most of all, getting frustrated.

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