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While we were in the sitting outside the Dr. Office on Monday, waiting for the 3D sonogram appointment for my new little nephew (have you seen what those 3D sonogram machines can do these days!? Holy cow!?), we were all chit chatting about various things including losing stuff. Particularly keys and phones. My sisters friend chimes in and says she got a Christmas gift, where she got a device that attaches to her keys and she can use an app on her iPhone to track them down. They sound off a noise plus it has GPS to help. Pretty cool. Next comment was “I need the same thing, but for my PHONE!” That’s when I spoke up.. “Wait! The security suite app on my Android does that already. Obviously you can’t check it from your phone, or use your keys to find your phone, but you can jump online and log into their website and do it.”

Today’s app of choice does just that. Lookout Security and Antivirus has a large number of features, including a “OMG, where did I leave my phone?” option.

 Lookout Security :


App Details:

App Name: Lookout Security & Antivirus

By: Lookout Mobile Security


Price: Free, but does have Premium (paid) options within the App.

Minimum Android Version: Varies by Device. NOTE: They also have an iPhone App. But I have not used it personally.


Like previously mentioned, it has an option (in the free version too) to locate your phone (even if GPS is turned off). Send it a “Scream” signal (free) if you know it’s close by, but can’t seem to find it (even if it’s on silent). Lock it (Premium) or even remotely wipe it (Premium)! Free version includes the ability to backup your contacts. Premium version can also backup your Pictures and Call Logs. Built in Antivirus/App threat scanning.


Honestly, I can’t think of any real negatives to this service they provide. The Free version does so much already, and the Premium version at $2.99 a month is a pretty darn cheap upgrade to get the enhanced security it offers.

 I ‘ve been using this for as long as I can remember. I originally found out about it from a post on Lifehacker. The fact I can find my phone even when GPS is disabled, and then sound off a signal once I’m close to it is a lifesaver. If I ever was in a situation where it got lost or stolen, I could always remotely Lock or even Wipe the entire system, so at least none of my important info can be obtained. Installation and setup was a snap. Almost no configuration necessary once you create your account. Can’t beat that!



Popular Alternatives: Android Device Manager, Wheres My Droid

Note: I am in no way affiliated with these programs or companies. This is simply a post of my own opinion. 🙂

Have a suggestion for an app to check out, or an app you prefer over this one? Please post it in the comments below!


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