How To Succeed in 2015: In Life or Business.

What Would you do if you had more time in the day? Would you be more successful in your career? Would you have a better relationship with your spouse and kids? Where would you spend that extra time? What If I told you that *I* can give you MORE time? I know *I* need more time. Or do I? Maybe I don’t. Maybe I no-cellphones-35121_640just need to:

Put the Tech Away.

Don’t get me wrong. I obviously love my techy gadgets. From my smart phone, Bluetooth stereo/speakers, streaming TV services, kids video games, and of course, all the various social media websites littering the internet. But, if you want to be successful, you have to learn how to control your exposure and time.

What do you want to be successful with? Is it raising a family? is it your career? turning a hobby/passion into a source of income? Better friendships/relationships? ALL the above? There must be something you want to be better at. But, you aren’t going to get there if you get constantly sucked into the time wasting activities that are always at your fingertips.

And to think, this is coming from the Tech Coach. The guy who LOVES technology. And I’m telling you to put it down? CRAZY TALK! But hear me out!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent a LOT of time learning new hobbies, how to better spend my time and one thing I’ve learned, is that having all these cool toys, easy access to the internet, etc has easily distracted me. And I’m sure it does you too. In fact, you may not even realize it! My good buddy JB from and always reminds us you have to be AWARE before you can change. So do this exercise real quick: Think back to yesterday. How much time did you spend on your Computer NOT doing “Work”. How much time did you spend on your smartphone, NOT doing “business” stuff? How much time did you spend on one of the things you want to improve/be successful at? My guess is (if you’re like me) you spent WAY more time goofing around on your tech devices than you did on the things you want to improve/change. How much time did you spend with your spouse, having a good conversation? What about your kids? Did you sit with them and visit? Did you read some books? Think about it. REALLY think about it. Be honest with yourself. I know I could have done much better.

One of the things that struck me recently was while listening to a PodCast by a great leader Pat Flynn from The dude’s a genius. Not only that, he prides himself on spending time away from his tech gadgets, business, etc to spend it with his family. He said something that struck me recently. He PLANS his day. He pre-sets time in which he is working, and when he is NOT. And when he is NOT working, guess what? He doesn’t “think” about work. He focuses on what he’s set aside that time for. Whether its Family time, learning a new hobby, etc.

connection-broken-98523_640My challenge to myself (and you can do this too) is to specifically set aside “Work/Learning time” and “Family” time and “Hobby” time. When it’s work time, it’s time to get down to business. Work on my posts here. Work on my future E-Courses. Planning. Learning, etc. But when it’s family time, it’s time to QUIT thinking about work. It’s time to put the techy devices away. Don’t get lost in Facebook. Watching YouTube, etc. While I’m sitting there with my family, I’m not half-assed paying attention thinking about my next blog post, checking on my friends daily rants, or how I could make my next E-Course better. I’m focused on THEM. FOCUS.

I challenge myself, and YOU. Are you focused? are you REALLY paying attention? Or are you getting lost, and distracted by the technology you have at your fingertips? Take note of what you WANT to do. And set aside TIME to DO IT. And, during that time, DO NOT let distractions get in the way.


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Tech Coach Albert

Albert Dutra, the creator of The Tech Coach and owner of AlbertD Photography is here to help my friends and followers gain more knowledge with the software and tech devices they use on a daily basis. Learn how to use various applications and gadgets to help save time, money and most of all, getting frustrated.

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