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Tech Coach Albert’s Favorite Mobile Device Cleanup App

Fav app- CCleaner

The more we use our smartphones, the more junk gets left behind on them. There will always be a need for a good cleanup tool, and this is one is my favorite. I’ve been a fan of this companies Windows tools and was happy to find they had an Android cleanup app as well! This is a no frills, simple, no advertisement cleanup tool that everyone should have. You don’t realize how much space on your smartphone is being used by temporary files and useless mumbo-jumbo that really isn’t necessary. This is especially important with those mobile devices that have low storage space limits on them (such as 8Gb and 16Gb devices). So, I introduce my favorite Android Mobile Device cleanup app, CCLeaner by Piriform Tools.




App Details:

App Name: CCleaner

By: Piriform Tools


Price: Free

Minimum Android Version: 4.0.3


A very light weight (only 2.4mb in size when writing this) app that is very easy to use. Doesn’t have any advertisements to worry about like some free apps do. Easily displays the amount of storage and RAM that is currently being used by the device, and after analyzing it will let you know how much free space it can clean up. Easily configure some of the various options that you don’t want it to clean. Such as missed calls or Text Messages.

Not only does it clean up the junk files floating on your device, you can look at a list of all apps on your device, see how much space they’re taking up, sort them by size, etc. This will easily help determine where the easy low-hanging-fruit may be to clean up space on your smartphone. There is also a System Info section, where it displays useful info like your Android Version, Device Model info, whether or not it is rooted and your IMEI identification number an more.


I don’t have a single con to list about this app. It might be cool if you could schedule to run it automatically… but that may have its downsides as well.

 I’ve tried a couple popular “cleanup” apps out there in the Play store. But none were as clean, simple and effective as CCleaner. Some had ads, popups, various notifications promoting other apps, etc. CCleeaner is just simple, to the point and non-invasive. Couldn’t ask for more from the team at Piriform.

 Example Screenshots of Application:









Popular Alternatives: Clean Master (Speed Boost), The Cleaner.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with these programs or companies. This is simply a post of my own opinion. 🙂

Have a suggestion for an app to check out, or an app you prefer over this one? Please post it in the comments below!


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