Avast! Free Antivirus – Step 2 – Scheduling Auto Scans

So you’ve installed Avast! Free AntiVirus based on our recommendation (found here and if you haven’t, you MUST!), and you’re ready to get setup and start utilizing it to protect your PC. Follow this guide to make sure you’ve registered your software (free), set up automated scans, etc.

We’ll cover these in 4 Easy Sections:

1. Register the software.

2. Setup automated virus scans.

3. Run a high-level scan.

4. Run a low-level scan.

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2. Setup Scheduled Scans

So you’ve installed Avast! Anti-Virus, and now your reach to learn how to  schedule an Avast auto scan. We can help!

After you have registered the product, you’ll want to setup the program to automatically scan your PC on a periodic basis. I would recommend a daily scan (or at the very minimum, weekly). You can set it to automatically fix issues that are found as well. Below, we’ll walk you through setting up your scheduled/automated scans.


First, from the Settings menu, choose the Scan and then Scan for viruses option on the menu.


Then locate the Create Custom Scan option at the bottom right corner of the screen and click on it.


Now, let’s begin filling out the details. In the Scan Name box, enter a name to identify this scan as. Since I’m going to do a Daily scan, I’m going to name it accordingly. Then enter a comment if you’d like, as I did in the example below. Then locate the Scan All Files checkbox, and select it.


Next, click on the Actions menu item on the left of the screen. This will allow us to set up the scan to automatically attempt to fix the viruses it may find. Make sure the Automatically apply actions during scan option is selected, and then choose the Virus tab. Under that tab, select the first dropdown box and choose Fix Automatically. Locate the Options section below, and make sure the box labeled If necessary, perform the selected action at the next system restart, and make sure it is selected.


Now, choose the Scheduling tab on the left menu. This will allow us to tell the system how often we want this to run. Since we’re doing a daily scan in this example, we will make sure the Schedule this scan box is enabled, and next to the Schedule Type box we will select Daily from the drop down list. I also suggest (if using a laptop) you choose the Do not start the scan if running on batteries and Pause the scan if batteries mode begins options. As a scan will drain your battery faster. Do make sure you always choose Wake up the system to start the scan (if in sleep mode) option is always enabled. Then, select a time of day your computer is normally ON, as well as when you might be using it least, and enter that in the Launch Time field using a 24hr/Military time format. Once complete, choose the OK button located at the bottom of the screen to save all the settings.


Now you should see the Daily Scan showing on the Scan page, as shown below. If you need to modify anything, choose the Settings… option to the right of the Daily Scan.


If you’d like to run the scan now, make sure Daily Scan is selected in the drop-down box next to the Start button, and then click on Start. Note: If you do this, you can skip the Step 3: High Level Scan for Viruses section below, as you just started a high level scan.

Click here for Step 3: High Level Scan for Viruses


Wait! Your PC isn’t safe with JUST an AntiVirus Program!

Make sure to get a Malware program as well. Here is what I personally use and recommend!

Tired of that slow computer?

Here are the top 16 steps found anywhere on the internet to speed up your PC!


Feel free to leave comments or questions below!

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  1. keysor soze says:

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    Do you have one for the free 2017 version? It doe not offer the waking up feature while on sleep mode or at least the one I downloaded.

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  2. January 10, 2015

    […] 2. Setup automated virus scans. […]

  3. January 10, 2015

    […] 2. Setup automated virus scans. […]

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