6 Easy Ways to Get More Money on Paribus


6 Ways to Get More Money from the Paribus App

So you’ve signed up for the automated, super simple Paribus service and now you’re looking to get even more money? Look no further! You’re at the right place! The top blog on the internet to get “all things Paribus”! If you’re not already familiar with the Paribus service, check out my blog Paribus Review!

As you probably know already, Paribus gets paid only when they find you a refund and that refund is successful from the retailer. Totally awesome. BUT, you can get more of that refund by following these 6 tips. By default, they take 25%, but I can help you lower it 10% in just a couple clicks and then show you what else you can do to get rid of the other 15% fee. Each of these will get more money in YOUR POCKET!

Using these 6 simple steps, I can show you how to get more money from Paribus:

  1. Use my Referral Link: http://paribus.evyy.net/c/345839/301462/4678 – Instant 5% more on each refund!
  2. Use the Share Link on Paribus.co – Instant 5% more on each refund!
  3. Email Friends/Family/Coworkers
  4. Share your referral code/link on other social media
  5. Share on your Blog
  6. Share on your YouTube Videos/Channel

Continue on below, where I’ll give you step by step instructions on how you can make more money with the Paribus App!

1. Use My Special Referral Link (Save 5% instantly)

The fastest way to get 5% more money from your Paribus app is by using my special referral link. Not only does it help me out, it will instantly give you 5% more money on EACH return! That’s gonna add up!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can simply follow this link: http://paribus.evyy.net/c/345839/301462/4678



2. Share on Facebook (save 5% instantly)

The second way you can instantly save another 5% is by using their link to share Paribus on Facebook. This could actually spin off additional signups, which could potentially lead to even more money. Each signup adds 5% more money back into your pocket. 3 Referrals and you get 100% of your refund!

1. Once logged into the Paribus website, locate the Earn More option on the left-hand toolbar.

Paribus (6)

2. By default, you will be taken to the Social link, to automatically save 5%. Simply click on the Boost my savings by 5%! link.

Paribus (7)

3. That will then launch you into a new Facebook post. Make sure to put in a good introduction to let your Facebook friends know about this new service. If they decide to signup using your link, you’ll get an additional 5% and they’ll save 5% more too!

Paribus (8)

4. Don’t forget to hit the button at the bottom right to share/post the comment!

3. Email Family/Friends/Co-Workers (5% off Per Signup)

Remember, each person that signs up with your link, will not only save you 5% on your fee, but it will automatically save THEM 5% too. It’s a Win-Win! So let’s make sure we send off an email to those friends, family members and co-workers that we know shop online, and we know LOVE a discount. I mean, who doesn’t love a discount?!

1. From the same Earn More section of the website, click on the Email option in the center of the screen.Paribus (9)

2. Then locate the Enter a friends email address box, and start entering those emails in! Remember to choose the Add Contact button after each email address.

Paribus (10)

3. You’ll notice each email address will show under the Recommended contacts section. Once you have added all the email addresses you wish, choose the Invite X Friends button (X being the number of email addresses you entered).

Paribus (11)

4. Then watch for some sign-ups. Maybe even reach out to them and talk to them about it as well, so they know its not some spammy email.


4. Share direct link on other Social Media (ie. Twitter, Google+, ello) (5% off Per Signup)

Another way you can share with your friends is by taking your direct Link (think Referral Code or Special Code) and share them on your other Social Media sites like Twitter, Google+, ello and many others.

1. From the same Earn More section of the website, click on the Link option in the center of the screen and choose Copy to clipboard.
Paribus (12)

2. Then go make your posts on your other social media outlets! Remember – everyone who signs up saves 5% and you save 5% too!

5. Blog Post (5% off Per Signup)

Have your own blog? Tumblr page? Blogger page? Take a moment to share with your friends and followers using your direct link!

6. YouTube Video (5% off Per Signup)

Perhaps you do YouTube videos? Record a short video on what Paribus is and throw some links in the description and annotations!


Got another way to cut your fee? Let me know in the comments section!

Want to know more about Paribus? Wondering if Paribus is safe or legit? Wondering what Paribus is? or How does Paribus work? Check out my full Review of Paribus where I answer each of those questions!

Looking for an infographic on these tips to easily share?? Look no further!

Paribus - 6 ways to save


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